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Accurate ID verification using
Complex Technology including AI and Machine Learning

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Significantly more accurate OCR for
Reliable proof of identity

Our proprietary OCR platform incorporates world-class AI-based technology to ensure that most types of evidence of identity documents will be read with nearly 100% accuracy.

This powerful system of ID verification provides confirmation that information provided is valid, current, and not under suspension or cancellation.

The platform eliminates the need for multiple verifications due to inaccurate data collection and reduces costs.

Full body of
Support Options

IDsure provides next level support which allows you to be more efficient and more effective, IDsure support managed by people who work with the ID verification process.

IDsure's support team monitor all channels, and are the same people monitoring the processing of your verifications.

Support has direct access to all areas of the IDsure business to ensure you only have to deal with the one person. More..

Connect to IDsure
Through Multiple access points

IDsure has several methods to provide the information to be verified. With a focus on modern B2B usage, an application programming interface (API) can be a critical component to integrating data flows with customers and partner systems.

We've created an API that is easy to set-up and start using. Your developers will be working with the JSON RESTful API. Once you have signed up to IDsure you will be supplied with a development API Key and a sandbox.

Using IDsure platform

  • Simple Data Entry - Our Portal gives your users the ability to simply enter the required fields and get an immediate answer.
  • Single Image Upload - You have been provided with an image of one evidence of identity document (e.g. a licence), upload this to the IDsure platform, where it will be read and send it for verification.
  • Multiple image upload - Your user has multiple images to verify. Put them in a zip folder and upload the folder. IDsure will read and identify every image for submission to the DVS.

Any which may have errors will be identified and can be adjusted prior to submitting.

At IDsure security is paramount
Secure and safe storage in Australia

One of the biggest security factors in the identity world is storage of information. Where is the information stored? Is it Australia? Does it meet privacy rules?

The best way to meet your storage obligation is to not store the identifying details. IDsure has all its servers in Australia, but the identifiers are not stored. Once the document has been verified, a record of the verification is kept but the main identifiers are removed.

Through our API you will receive the result of the verification, using our platform will provide the same result but with the record of the verification taking place.

You may need to consider if you are storing the information but recommend once verified remove the document of identifiers.