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Approved digital verification gateway
Reliable verification
of Evidence of ID documents

Ensure AML/CTF regulatory compliance with
Document Verification Service

Created by the Department of Home Affairs, the DVS is a secure resource through which an approved gateway service provider can provide verification of identity.

The service compares evidence of identity (EOI) documents with information available on government databases.

IDsure is one of the approved gateway providers for electronic verification of identity services.

The service provides confirmation that information provided by a potential employee or customer is valid, current, and not under suspension or cancellation.

DVS access allows IDsure to verify a variety of documents issued by Australian State and Territory government agencies.

Drivers Licence

Birth Certificate

Australian Citizenship Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Medicare Card

AEC Address Details

Australian Passport and other travel documents

Centrelink Concession Card

Aviation & Maritime Security ID Card

International Passport Visa

Death Certificate

Immigration Card