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MakeSure Group

Digital Investment Group Limited

Major investor focused on start-up technology

Makesure Group is wholly owned by the Digital Investment Group (DIG).

The evolution of DIG has allowed us to provide an environment for those with an entrepreneurial flair to bring their creative ideas to life.

We can take an idea from the conception stage through to investment and successful commercialisation. We believe in innovation and have a mindset that embraces the passion and ambition of those with a vision to apply new thinking to current methods.

MakeSure Group provides
Solutions for the modern business environment

Makesure Group provides solutions for the process of pre-employment, workplace onboarding, compliance and identity.

Partnered with some of the most reputable organisations in Australia, Makesure Group understands the need for fully supported, simple and connected technology solutions.

MakeSure is an accredited provider for

Police, Background Checking and Compliance

As an Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Accredited Broker, Makesure has over 10 years of experience in performing nationwide police and background checks.

Makesure removes the time-consuming, transactional element of police, reference and other pre-employment checks with speed and efficiency in one centralized and easy to use platform.

IDsure is the a reliable

Document Verification Service Gateway Provider

IDsure is part of the Makesure Group specialized in identity document verification services.

Thanks to the proprietary technology and AI enhanced systems, IDsure provides the most reliable, accurate, and secure document and identity verification technology for everyone to use effortlessly on one straightforward platform.

Ratify is a platform for

Cloud-based compliance management

The Ratify platform is part of the Makesure Group which provides a powerful online system that streamlines the management of all workplace related documents in one easy-to-use platform.

The service enables full control of in-house and external compliance requirements such as inductions, training, appointments, medicals or background checks. Ratify also allows employees and sub-contractors to quickly and easily share documents needed in their workplace.

The RatifyID platform
Australia's newest Digital Identity

RatifyID is part of the Makesure Group specialized in digital identity.

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